MEA Life


We know risks…we are superior of keeping you away from its implications  

Based on several markets analysis performed, many field assessments and 100’s hours of product design, we are confident that our tailor-made individual and corporate solutions provide you with superior protection plans.

Chubb Life Insurance Egypt S.A.E. has created a variety of products customized to suit your every need from Individual, Corporate to Group products.

Chubb Life Insurance Co. Egypt S.A.E is regulated by the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority.
Egyptian Stock Co. Regulated by Law No. 10 of 1981. C.R. 9011 - Insurance Reg. No. 18.


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Savings and Protection

Old age is normally associated with loss of income. If you prepare for this stage of life, you will enjoy your retirement with financial security. There are also events in your life that you need money for, such as to cover emergencies or to cover your children’s expenses (education and weddings) and family holidays. For information on Protection & Savings, please click here for our product range.

Group Life and Medical

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Chubb Life Insurance Co. Egypt S.A.E. has state of the art Systems, Distribution Channels and Customer Services to support our valued customers.