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Ready-made and tailored plans

Solutions for enterprises with 20-300 employees


Tailored solutions

Every large company has different employee benefit needs; therefore, we offer customize programs based on your insights. This offers your greater choice of different levels of protection.

For enterprises with (20-300 employees) they can have Ready-made or Tailored solutions, for enterprise (above 300 employees) we can offer the Tailored solutions.

Other Products

Credit Life

•Insuring the outstanding amounts for the corporate customers given by banks or other credit facilities in terms of (loans, financing amounts, mortgage loans, microfinance, car loans, credit cards, etc..).

•The coverage should include Death due to any cause as a basic cover and can add total permanent disability as an additional rider.

•Minimum Age: 18 years old

•Maximum age: 70

•Minimum Loan amount: EGP 500

•Maximum loan amount: according to each plan type and the amounts are varied according to the plan type and duration

•Tenor: from 1 year and up to maximum loan duration given per each plan.

•Term: 1 year and renewed according to approved parties.


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