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Investa Gold Plan

The Chubb Investa Gold Plan has many attractive features. It provides high protection value for unfortunate events, in addition to yearly growing cash value that helps you with your long term financial plans.

  • Flexible … choose your won coverage type
    • Option to choose between 2 types of coverage in case of unfortunate event; the coverage amount only or the coverage amount plus the cash value amount
  • Simple …design your own premium distribution
    • Plan allow flexible Premium distribution between the protection portion and the investment portion     
  • Support … you in difficult times
    • Availability of loan against savings amount in your policy
  • Valuable Benefits … for your peace of mind

1. Cash paid in case of insured Death due to any Couse  

2. Additional Cash paid equal 5times the account value in case accidental death

3. Passive war risk coverage included

4. 2nd medical opinion service included

5. Cash lamp sum at  maturity date    

  • Additional high value low cost benefits …

Available Options for complete peace of mind :

    • Additional Death coverage due to any Couse 
    • Waiver of premiums in case of permanent and total disability
    • Monthly income in case of accidental or sickness death