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Direct / Worksite Marketing

B2B means, businesses doing business together. Chubb Life Insurance Egypt S.A.E. strives to understand your corporate requirements and recommends tailor made solutions best suited for your business benefiting you and your employees.

Chubb Life Insurance Egypt, S.A.E., through its worksite-marketing channel, provides access to insurance products, which are designed for employer-supported programs, offered to employees and, in some cases, their spouses and dependents. Employees pay 100 percent of the premium for the product(s) purchased, typically through a payroll deduction system. Information seminars and enrollment for these products are conducted on-site with employees.

Once you identify a need, our Preferred Specialist will design a customized education program and products for your employees. Our specialists will conduct seminars and enrollment of your employees in an efficient manner, allowing you to concentrate on your business.


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