Life Insurance Why should you insure your employees?


The benefits are far greater than the costs for companies to offer insurance to employees. It's relatively inexpensive to introduce, but employees value it highly because it’s much more convenient for them than taking out personal life cover.

Employee life insurance is one of the great ‘hidden’ benefits of many jobs, as the employee's life insurance can act as a powerful talent-magnet working constantly in the background.

Benefits of getting employee insurance

  • Attract and retain workers (Especially ones with families).
  • Reduce staff turnover and associated recruitment costs.
  • Improve employee morale and engagement.
  • Attract new employees to join your company.


Satisfied employees with secured family will help in enlarging your business. Not only will it increase their productivity, it will bring your company positive impact through word of mouth, which helps in attracting new employees and thus sustaining the stability of your business.

Having satisfied employees can improve their well-being. It also brings higher morale, a more positive mindset, less distress and higher job satisfaction.

There is a valuable role that health and protection can play in supporting employee well-being whilst also benefiting employers, through reduced employee sickness and absence, as well as improving employee retention and recruitment. 

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